Three Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight And Burn Fat Permanently

Coach Olu Aijotan

Olu Aijotan 
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I know that if you are asked to choose, you would want to lose weight or burn excess Fat permanently by just taking pills, wearing a patch or rubbing a cream.

Well, even me will prefer that too but this is where the issue lies, the origin of what usually turn an ugly end for many.

The truth is, “you won’t permanently lose weight and burn Fat (Please note the word Permanently) if you don’t "gradually" change your body management habits and when I say habit, I mean how you manage your body, not necessarily only what goes in and out of your body.

The big issue is that many people don’t understand this, so they keep making same mistakes all the time.

I have grouped these mistakes into three parts and the last one is very important but before you jump to it, read the first and second, they are the usually the first mistake many make.

One of the very first mistakes most Nigerians make while trying to lose weight and burn fat permanently is depending on taking pills.

1. Taking pills to Lose Weight Permanently

As sweet as taking pills to lose weight and burn fat sounds, you cannot lose weight or burn fat permanently using any pill. No.

Do you know what pills do to your body, “when you take any lose weight/fat pills, the pills try to force your body to assume a different size, it’s like forcing you to become another person immediately without even given you time to learn anything about the person, 

How will you react?  You will fight back, right? 

Yes, that is the same thing your body does when you take pills that force it to reduce or shrink.

That’s why in most cases after taking the pills if you are lucky, you will only regain the weight back again after a while, some people fall sick, I have heard of a lady who almost lost her life to this, some never recovers.

The lucky ones don’t fall sick, they only regain weight again after some time.


Because after a while, your body will overpower the effect of that pills and go back to its normal shape.

That’s just it.

So, when someone tells you that you need a pill to lose weight permanently , please run. I mean “RUN”

The second mistake is the Patch or cream belief.

 2. Wearing patch or rubbing cream to lose weight or burn fat permanently 

Fat accumulates in the body due to what you take into the body, what will cream or patch do, shrink the fat out? 


Wearing a patch or rubbing creams won’t make you lose weight or burn excess Fat Permanently, not now, not ever.

It’s just like pills, they try to reconstruct your body shape with force, this will never end well, reshaping the body is a gradual process, it’s not forced.

My advice is that you run away from anyone telling you that you can lose weight by wearing a patch or rubbing cream, they may mean well for you but they don’t understand the effect of what they are advising you to do. 

Don’t do it for your good.

The third and the most important one, believing in the Food lies.

  3. Going on an extremely Restrictive Diet or Starvation to lose weight or burn fat permanently

If you have been trying to lose weight, you must have heard the “You need to stop eating Nigerian Food” theory, if you haven’t, good for you.

This is what many don’t understand about losing weight and burning Fat, but here is an illustration to explain what happens at a layman’s level.

Let’s say your body needs the percentage of Fat in your meal in a week to be 7% and then you eat food that provides over 12% of fat in a week, your body will use the 7% it needs and accumulate the remaining 5%, if this continues after a while you will end up having fat in one part of your body parts.

It could appear like this

Can HRT cause weight gain

Or like this

belly fat

Now, to burn this Fat, you don’t need to kill yourself at the gym, NO.

You don’t also need to stop eating your Nigerian Food like you are always forced to do, No.

You don’t need to also start avoiding good food and eating some ugly materials all in the name of losing weight and burning fat, No

This is why I wrote this; many people have been made to believe that they need to stop eating their Nigerian Diet before they lose weight or burn Excess Fat, some believe they need to sleep at the gym to lose weight, some that they need to avoid eating good food and live on grass-like materials.

That’s not true, you can permanently lose weight and burn Excess Fat on a Nigerian Diet.

This short Free video by Coach Olu Aijotan, a Nutrition & Fitness coach explains How you can Permanently lose Weight and burn excess Fat on Nigerian Diet without turning the gym to your new home.

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